Birth Control Options

With all the options available, it’s important that you receive the information you need to choose what’s best for you. In addition to that vital information, we offer all methods of birth control. We can provide you with long acting birth control options, including

  • The intrauterine device (IUD)
  • The implant: Nexplanon (the implant in your arm).
  • We also offer the contraceptive patch, the vaginal ring, oral contraception (“the pill”), and the Depo-provera shot.
  • Permanent sterilization for women
    • Essure®, the “no-incision” female sterilization technique
    • Traditional tubal ligation (“tying the tubes”)
  • We also offer family planning consultations for women with medical problems or who have had trouble finding an acceptable method.
  • Vasectomy permanent sterilization for men

Discounted contraceptive options are also offered.
To see if you qualify, please
contact our office.

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