Experience the comfort created by:

  • The highest quality medical services and counseling, provided by extremely caring UNM Physicians, nurses and staff.
  • Non-judgmental, sincere and informative personal attention.
  • Warm and friendly office, waiting and patient room environments.
  • Individualized care for what works best for you.

Our comforting and comprehensive reproductive health care includes these services:

  • Free Pregnancy tests
  • Pregnancy Options Counseling
  • Medical Abortions up to 10 weeks
  • Surgical Abortions up to 23 weeks; including terminations for genetic indications
  • Inpatient or operating room services for women who have medical complications or who require general anesthesia
  • Birth control options including IUDs (Liletta, Mirena and Paragard and Skyla) and Nexplanon®.
  • Essure® female sterilization options
  • Evaluation and treatment of abnormal bleeding
  • Hysteroscopy and endometrial ablation
  • Vasectomy male sterilization options

Our staff is highly trained and available to answer any questions.

“The support I got from the staff here showed that they care about me.”