Pregnancy Options & Counseling

An undesired or unplanned pregnancy can present a difficult situation. Our physicians appreciate your need to understand the details of available options. After performing an ultrasound to determine how far along the pregnancy is, we can then explain the options of pregnancy termination (abortion), continuing the pregnancy or adoption as they relate to your particular situation.

Some of our patients make a decision and continue with their appointment while others prefer to reschedule until after they have had a few days to make a final decision. Whatever you decide, we are here to support you.

Also, if you are unsure if you are pregnant, we offer free pregnancy tests on a walk-in basis. If the test comes back positive, we can offer you your options at that point. We will also give you a proof of pregnancy, which is sometimes needed for insurance purposes.

“I felt comfortable talking about my decision and all the questions I had were met with intelligent, well thought out, helpful answers.”