There are always misconceptions and misunderstandings about any given topic, and vein treatment is no exception. As technology advances, public awareness isn’t always able to keep up. Old truth becomes current myth and people may avoid seeking treatment because they’re basing their decision off of information no longer relevant. Here are some of the most common vein treatment myths and the reality behind them.

  • My varicose veins will go away by themselves.

Once varicose veins have developed, they very rarely fade without direct intervention. Ignoring the problem in the hopes that they’ll ‘heal naturally’ can lead to more serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis.

  • The veins will just show up again later.

Previous methods of treatment did have that issue, but thanks to progression in treatment and greater understanding of varicose veins, the recurrence rates are generally below 5%.

  • It’s just cosmetic, so I don’t really need help.

Spider veins are generally cosmetic issues which can be treated based on the desires of the patient. Varicose veins are not wholly cosmetic issues and can lead to deep vein thrombosis or even greater complications. These do need treatment by a medical professional.

  • My insurance company will consider it cosmetic and won’t cover the cost.

This is a partial truth. As spider veins are largely a cosmetic issue, many insurance companies won’t provide for their treatment. Varicose veins are a medical issue and insurance policies do cover the diagnosis and treatment.

  • Any doctor can treat varicose veins.

A general physician may be able to examine you and offer a tentative diagnosis of varicose veins, but specialists exist for a reason. A vein specialist has the experience and training required to accurately and safely treat vein disorders without causing any further damage to your body.

Do you have questions about vein treatments? Have you heard other ‘urban legends’ that you’d like clarified? Contact us today and get real information, not rumors.