UNM Medical Group, Inc.
933 Bradbury Drive SE, Suite 2222
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Administration: (505) 272-3303
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About UNM Medical Group, Inc. and UNM School of Medicine

The UNM Medical Group, Inc., is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, organized in 2007. It is the faculty practice of the UNM School of Medicine, comprising more than 1,000 clinical practitioners representing more than 152 specialties who operate 11 UNMMG outpatient clinics and practice at UNM Health System hospitals and clinics.

Notice of Privacy Practice


UNMMG strives to be a national leader in the delivery of high quality and innovative academic medicine. 


To provide an innovative, flexible and efficient faculty practice organization supporting excellence in the clinical, education and research missions of the UNM School of Medicine to improve the health of all New Mexicans. 


We ASPIRE every day.


  • have a positive attitude and perspective in all we do.
  • be involved and engaged in self and organizational improvement.
  • be respectful and courteous to others and to our customers.
  • be creative initiators and will support continuous improvement.
  • be team players and come to work with our game faces on.
   ASPIRE to succeed and Have Fun in all we do!


  • always be hospitable in meeting the needs of our customers.
  • be responsive to new and existing requests.
  • be responsive and proactive in helping others, offer patient and teammate care!
  • hold ourselves and our organization accountable to serving others flawlessly.
  • demonstrate both good listening and communication skills when working with our peers and customers.
  • follow through on all of our commitments.
   ASPIRE to lead in customer service and care for our employees, faculty, patients and our community!


  • be patient-centric in all that we do. It's the number one reason why we are here.
  • be mindful of each patient's feelings and emotions.
  • go above and beyond to serve and help our patients.
  • show our patients how much we care about them and their health.
  • continuously strive to improve the patient experience.
   ASPIRE to offer the highest-quality care that patients expect and deserve.


  • be open and transparent in all of our interactions both internally and externally.
  • say what we will do, maintain commitments and do the right thing.
  • be honest in our interactions.
  • foster a trustworthy and safe atmosphere for teammates and patients.
  • be conscious of our environment and promote teamwork and wellness for all.
   ASPIRE to promote professionalism across the organization and Health System!


  • promote a sense of teamwork, collaboration and unity.
  • engage and empower our team members.
  • value everyone’s input and perspective.
  • have everyone’s best interest in mind.
  • treat others as we want to be treated.
  • value our differences and diversity.
   ASPIRE to be fair, considerate and compassionate in all of our practices and interactions!


  • work in a manner that will yield the highest quality of outcomes, superior solutions and innovation.
  • practice financial stewardship at all levels.
  • develop best practices and continuously raise the bar on our performance.
  • provide the best care possible to our patients.
   ASPIRE to become a world class organization!